Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Dreamboats and Lindyhop

So there I was, single and valentines day was approaching, how would I ever get through I thought, well if I'm entirely honest I thought where can I go get intoxicated with friends and have a good night!?  I had been pondering about going out for sometime as I was completely skint at the time, so there I was thinking I was going to have to have a quiet night in all on my lonesome, until my friends Shona of Adventures in Vintage and Kessie of Lady K loves managed to twist my arm into going to It's a wonderful Vintage Love boat ball, to be honest it didn't take a lot of convincing as I was already contemplating going as you probably saw a couple of posts back.
The second of 'It's a wonderful' events and a second sell out, Olivia of Moon on a stick PR definitely done herself proud again with a fantastic night of live music and dancing.
After much hunting high and low for the Battersea barge (which seemed like a never ending maze) I arrived at the venue early to help set up with Verity of the Vanity Box and Kessie, my gosh I have never seen so many balloons!
I've got to be honest I wasn't convinced with the venue when I first arrived but once the decorations were up and the sun had gone down, there was definitely a romantic vibe to the boat and I was without a doubt feeling more chirpy then I was after my massive trek to find the place.

I put my glad rags on and brushed my curls out and I was ready to party,  I decided to wear my Bernie Dexter, 'Bettina' dress as it was red and hourglass galore! I'm certainly glad I did because I don't think I've ever had so many compliments in one night! Lets just say I know to wear that dress out again.

Caught getting ready before people arrived, phone in hand? Nothing changes!

The place soon filled up and everyone was soon on the floor (or should it be deck?) dancing the night away, a few people even got me on the floor, I kept insisting that I was a jive only girl but after several asked me to dance I found myself picking up some Lindy Hop moves so now I will feel less silly if anyone else ever asks me! 
There was a fabulous new burlesque act which broke up the music of the evening, miss Folly Gosh and her seaside striptease, definitely something quirky to add to the evenings events.
Some of us from the night, all immacutaly dressed if I do say so, me and Shona both wearing Bernie Dexter designs!

Up on the outside deck a few of us had to recreate the famous 'I'm flying Jack!' pose from titanic, and when you're a little  bit intoxicated it isn't always the safest idea to lean off the front of a boat that's half in the Thames, which leads me on to my other point, dancing on a half moving boat after a few vodkas does tend to make  you feel a bit seasick, lesson truly learnt! 

But an interesting fun night out overall catching up with some of my lovely ladies, also met a few new people which is always nice! And as for the men dressing in their sailor attire, well what can I say I would let them save me if I fell overboard any day!

Can't you tell I was merry?!
Verity of the Vanity Box and Shona of Adventures in vintage

Of what I could see everyone who went had a fantastic time, there wasn't a moment when the dance floor wasn't full, I'm not a converted 40s enthusiast yet but I am starting to enjoy it all a whole lot more, maybe I'm becoming more open minded in my old age!

Don't forget to buy your tickets for It's a wonderful Vintage Jubilee Jamboree which is happening in May, I've been asked to model so I suppose I'll just have to go! Oh what a hard life one leads! 

For more info check out the It's a wonderful vintage special events page:
Until Next Time
Toodle Pip