Monday, 21 February 2011

Street Style at Somerset House!

Off I went to Somerset house today to do a couple of shoots with two fab photographers (honestly it's been an amazing day!!) while I was there I needed to get some vox pops done for part of my uni project and with it being London Fashion Week there was plenty of choice! I was with the lovely Koral from UCA Epsom so she used her photography skills for me while I asked the questions, what a great team!! Enjoy!
James from Bloomsbury describes her style as Italian
and loves going to Mahiki

Rebecca & Jacob both live in London and love going to Fabric
Rebecca describes her style as Homeless chic whereas
Jacob says he just falls into his wardrobe and pulls out the first thing!

Jessica is German but lives in Poland
and describes her style as Rock Chic

Yu is from London and describes his style as something warm
with colour

Karina is from London and describes her style as old
and likes to go to Vortex!
Jay is from Bristol and loves to go to Circus in London

OK so maybe these captions kind of sound like something from Blind Date, should have really put contestants by each name! I had such a great day though with also being stopped by bloggers for wgsn and Adorn Jewellery, today has made me completely sure that I am on the right track for the future!
Photography Credits: Koral-Leigh Webb
Until Next Time
Toodle Pip
P.S here's a screen shot of me on the Style Scout blog :)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Can Marc Jacobs do no wrong?

I'm going to stop apologising every blog update I do for being late now because it's getting to be somewhat the routine, I truly wish I had more time to do my blog because I would generally be doing it as often as I could however unfortunately I can't but I will always try when I can.
As I was flicking through the Evening Standard the other day I noticed a full page article on the man himself Marc Jacobs, showing his new Autumn/Winter 2011 collection, and honestly I don't think he can put a foot wrong in the world of fashion, we saw his last Autumn/Winter collection for Louis Vuitton with a tribute to the feminine fifties and this time we've seen his own collection for a space aged twist on the forties, amazing!
Everyone sits up and takes note when he shows for, be it  Louis Vuitton or his own collection and then by luck will have it you see his designs being watered down to the high street for people such as you and I to buy.
Through this collection there seemed to be a number of different influences including of course the forties but outfits to me seemed inspired by matadors and possibly the Amish? However he added a twist to some of the well cut figure hugging suits by making the trousers in latex or throwing in an overload of polka dots to it. Either way I loved it and it makes my love for Marc Jacobs even stronger, when I was just checking out his Marc by Marc Jacobs collection there was another heavily 70s influence to it, so does he love looking back on times forgotten? If he does he does it with standard by bringing alive decades slipped by. Here are some of the outfits from his Autumn/Winter collection!
Fish scale Pencil dress, I think so!
Polka dot galore in a very Dior-Esq pencil suit
The berets seem very Greta Garbo/Marlene Dietrich to me
I would love to wear this outfit in the winter, the jacket is just adorable!
Ohlaee!! I don't think this model would be going to fight any bulls dressed in this
matador inspired outfit! Especially not in those  shoes!
I love love loveee this outfit, the skirt is amazing, definitely something I would wear
it creates the perfect hourglass shape!
I've noticed that when I tend to follow  catwalk shows their the ones that relate to me the most which I generally think is a good thing!
Until Next Time
Toodle Pip

Monday, 7 February 2011

And the addiction begins

It now seems that the only time I get a chance to do my blog is late at night, as I type this it has just gone past midnight and bizarrely I am not in bed! To be honest though if I didn't write this now I would have probably forgotten by tomorrow (well later on today) and pushed it aside! So while I'm still (half) awake I'm quickly posting before I hit the hay!
Basically I just wanted to show off a little, which if you know me, is something I like to do often enough, however good enough time to brag, while I was trailing the Internet the other day with my house mate I went on a few websites that sold Vivienne Westwood shoes, I've always adored her clothes/bags/shoes you name it, I've drooled over it and I came across the Melissa shoes, I'd seen these in past collections and fell in love immediately however they were always a bit out of my price league, once again for those who know me, over £10 is normally a no go for me! Also I had the chance to try a pair on before Christmas, hoping Father Christmas would treat me to a pair (which he didn't!) and as I tried on the heels, unfortunately I thought they were not for me, basically because my feet felt like they were in some kind of pole dancers shoe so I gave up on this dream.
Until now.. It completely slipped my mind that in these collections they also did flats! Low and behold my saviour, I went shopping with my fella recently and saw a pair for £70 (£85 on the tinterweb) and he said he would treat me to some but I... for once put my foot down and said no...until now when I came across a rather nice sale section on a Vivienne Westwood site where they were selling the Melissa flats for a damn good offer! I saw two pairs I liked, one in a size 7, one in an 8, I'm an awkward size so I didn't know what to get, and I thought well you only live once and bought both for a brilliant price and thought if one pair didn't fit I'd return them, however when I got them, they both strangely seemed to fit so I just had to keep them both! Luckily my fella stuck by his word and bought them for me ( I am at university after all, poor student and all that!) And here are my new  babies themselves:

Aren't they beautiful, I think I'm going to treasure them forever, I can officially say I own designer,
well I do own a vintage Jaegar coat but you know what I mean.

I love them and think they go well with the majority of my vintage and repro 40s and 50s clothes because they are quite kitsch don't you think?
Until Next Time
Toodle Pip

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Images for Lady K clothing

Oh dear I'm getting behind on my blog again, seriously I really don't know how people can keep it up constanly, I've got so much to do at the moment it is unreal with trying to keep up with univesity work, modelling, my Uk Rock article I seem to forget about my followers on here, so I do apologise to you all!
So when I went back up to Lowestoft in my reading week I managed to fill it fully with photo shoots because I didn't know when I'd get a chance to do that many when I got back to Kent. One photo shoot I did was for the clothing company Lady K Loves  which is a rather lovely rockabilly 50s inspired clothing line, the lovely lady behind this is Miss Kessie May, me and her got talking over the wonders of facebook and thought it would be great to collaborate for a photo shoot, I'd had my eye on Lady K's clothing for a while and always wanted to shoot in some of it and now was my chance!
Lady K Loves are based in the lovely town of Brighton and if you got to the Hemsby weekend you will see their clothing on the Round Up Records stall there and it's great! Feminine and figure hugging with a neo twist on all things Vintage, what more could a girl want in this day and age?
I had a great shoot with the photographer Emily Jane  who I worked with last summer, a great girl and an AMAZING photographer and here are some of the results we got on a very cold day shooting at the Plantation gardens in Norwich.
Wearing Delores Jacket and skirt

You can't tell luckily how cold it was on that day but we managed it and had a great shoot!
I can't wait to see these outfits on Lady K's website
Until Next Time
Toodle Pip