Thursday, 2 September 2010

Gil Elvgren I do love you!

I've received some images of a shoot I did recently with the fabulous Dominic Fenn, a local photographer who is quickly getting a great reputation for taking fantastic images!
When he first emailed me he hit the nail on the head straight away by saying he wanted to do images in the style of Gil Elvgren, one of the most famous pin up artists of all time. I had been wanting to do this style of shoot for a while now but was having trouble finding the right photographer. So after having a first successful Hollywood glamour styled shoot we quickly arranged our Gil inspired shoot!
   When I'd got organised I met Dom and he had done so well picking up little accessories and bits and bobs for the shoot, vintage phone, diy books, a giant parcel! Even bubbles and ice cream, he was well prepared I'd say!
    It was a lot of fun and I think we created some great images, all with a Elvgren vibe, I took a extremely full suitcase of clothes as I usually do, I think this time though I had to sit on the suitcase to shut it!
   So here are a few of my favourite images from the days shoot! Hope you like them, would love to hear some feed back to see what you think!
We were quite lucky that the images didn't need too much editing!
Happy Birthday from Bettina
Wearing vintage 50s black Sun top and atomic circle skirt!
Wearing What Katie Did  stockings and a
 1950s dressing gown

Some lovely bubbles to end the shoot with


  1. Hey there! I just found this post and wanted to say thank you for your lovely comments. It was fabulous working with you, both as a model and as a stylist. And I love your blog!

    Have a great time back at uni. Talk to you soon.

  2. Elvgren is the king of pin-up imagery and I bet he would ahve loved you as a model, you're perfect for this. Love all the pictures and can't get enough!