Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A new start at Vintage Patisserie

I've just handed in my work for Creative styling project and now have something very exciting to look forward to in the run up to Christmas. I'm starting a work placement at the company that is Vintage patisserie. You may well have heard of this delightful company when the owner Angel Adoree was on Dragons Den not so long ago?
They are a small company that run exclusive vintage inspired tea parties! I am so excited to be working for them, as soon as I met Angel, I knew it was the place for me! It was so lovely to find somewhere that I would fit in and people that have the same views on clothes, music and of course cakes!
Some of the lovely girls at a tea party 

I found out also Fleur De Geurre works there occasionally so hopefully I'll get to know her as I have still yet to meet her! I'm also hoping the ladies will give me some tips on an event I am hoping to organise! 
I know it's not going to be so fun trudging along Bethnel Green road every day but hell I think it will be worth it, I will just have to I am wrapped in my warmest vintage coat, my seams are extra straight and my hair has got just enough hair spray on it so I don't look like i've been dragged through a hedge backwards!
I am hoping to learn a few more hair tips along the way and find out about some super events!
You never know that could be me in a few weeks time!
Hopefully I'll be able to make the family some yummy cakes when I get back home for Christmas too from ideas the girls will have given me. 
I can't wait to be part of this glamorous team of girls!
Keep an eye out for my next blog about the Rhythm Riot and my ongoings at the Vintage Patisserie!
Until Next Time
Toodle Pip

Friday, 19 November 2010

Want something a little different for Christmas??

We all know  that certain time of the year is approaching fast and if you are like me, you're running around like a headless chicken trying to find what to buy people! Or you want to go out nearer the time but can't find anywhere to go? Well here's something that  will be right up every ones street: Kustom Kristmas in London!!
A day out full of Rockabilly, pin up, pin striping and all things Kitsch!! So if you are looking for something different this year head down to this on the 5th December, you'll hear great bands, buy the other half something nice and maybe even have time to indulge in some yummy cakes
Don't miss out on a fabulous day, I'm hoping to make it down there so if I do, I hope to see you all in the Kristmas spirit and having a dance under then tinsel and mistle toe!
You can check out the event on
the London Lowbrow page on Facebook or email me for details at:
Until Next time
Toodle Pip

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Burlesque mime vs Katie Price

I've finally got round to editing a few images from a shoot I did a couple of months ago with the photographer Peter Taylor, I decided I wanted to do something different so I put on my face paint and squeezed into a couple of corsets and away I went, I can't really say the look I was going for, however I think it somehow worked into a mime artist look!
Wearing my What Katie Did corset and Scroll necklace byPeggy Sue Jewellery
So I finally got round to wearing my green corset that I bought months ago!
It works so well with the PVC skirt I wore!
I think this image looks quite burlesque influenced, I would like to invest in some
 fans but maybe when I win the lottery
Then after seeing Katie Price in the then latest copy of Wonderland and the photo shoot she did I wanted to try and recreate it, I know what you're thinking, Katie Price you can't be serious?! But no this fashion shoot was completely different to her usual glamour work,it was grimey and grungey and I loved it!!
So I wanted to do something that was similar because I had the clothes, its jeans I wear most days!! my hair wasn't as long unfortunately but I think it worked!!
I didn't quite know how to get the high contrast shadow but I
 quite like the way they have turned out

Its obviously very different from my regular pin up modelling but I think it works quite well, I'd like to do something like this again because I found it quite easy and Peter Taylor was a great photographer to work with so hopefully next year I will do some more interesting shoots like this
Look out for my blog on Kustom Kristmas
Until Next Time
Toodle Pip

A Bright and Early start to in Gravesend

As I have been so busy with uni work I've let my modelling side slip a fair bit and this has annoyed me greatly! Because you know occasionally it is fun to pull faces in front of a camera. So me being the silly girl that I am applied for a casting with a local photographer but then I looked at the date and realised it was the same date as The Rhythm Riot, how could I possibly get this mixed up you may ask, I know I was in shock too. I told the photographer and he asked whether I was free at the weekend, I thought it over with the work load I still had to and thought Oh what the heck!!
    I got up rather early for it and met the photographer who was a lovely chap and I think we got some fab shots from that morning, it was a rather short and sweet photo shoot but I didn't mind because it meant that I could get on with my coursework and it was also a bit nippy so I was happy to be back in the warmth.
    Anyway here are some of the images, I hope you like them!!!
Wearing my Vivien of Holloway halterneck pencil dress
It is amazing how my bags under my eyes weren't that noticeable!!
Unfortunately I had lost some weight since I last wore this dress so it was a bit loose,nothing an elasticated belt couldn't solve
                                 However I am wearing my lovely Rocket Original shoes

                     According to a friend I remind them of Imelda May in this one
                                                                   Any thoughts?
This was near what used to be Vintage red telephone boxes
 but for some reason they'd painted them green?
What was I thinking about?
Answers on the back of a postcard

I like that this has a grainy edge to it, It
gives it a vintage feel to it

I'm very convincing at not looking cold!!

Hope you've enjoyed my new pictures ladies and gents, I shall be putting my editing cap on soon and putting some old ones up too!! Also check out my blog about Kustom Kristmas that's happening in London, and my view on my first Rhythm Riot!!
Until next time
Toodle Pip

Monday, 15 November 2010

The Flapping depression final shoot

I'm now coming to the end of my creative styling project, Yes it has been 10 weeks already , and yepp its nearly christmas (Keep an eye out for my next blog about an upcoming christmas event!!)  And I thought I Would show my final images from our very successful photoshoot with the lovely Eddy Shaw again as photographer!!
We kept one of the models from the test shoot at the Ace Cafe, the fabulous
Joe Worthington Leese and picked up two other models Billy Sutherland and Bradley Austin who were both just brilliant on the day and so friendly, so if any of you are looking for models for photoshoots I could not recommend these three enough! A great bunch of guys.
But yes the shoot, we had the same trend, very Charlie Chaplin/20s/30s inspired, with a few more outfits thrown in and we shot at Chatham Dockyard to give it a very industrial unique feel to the images.
Here they are. I hope you like them!

I love the layout of this image there is a lot of texture with the brickwork and the darkness from
under the bridge, it creates a sense of mystery and moodiness I think.

I think this composititon works well with three models and the triangles in the garden.
I've given it a different tinge to the previous so it looks more blue.

I found the styling worked quiet well, after we had done this shoot I noticed in Arena Homme magazine
similar styling with the vest over the jacket which looked also very 30s,
I do believe we've caught onto a trend before it's started!

I found this was the only image that worked in colour, I think it is a very
strong fashion image, I like the compostition because it would make a good double page spread
I added a grainey effect to it to make it look a bit more grungey

I love the composition of this because of the texture of the sky because it looks overcast and creates a moody atmosphere
This was with a train at the location, it looks like working man shot

I loved the jacket we used in this shot which was from Topshop, this is such a natural shot but I think it captures the model and outfit really well.

So these are some of the ones we've decided to use for our final project, fingers crossed for a good mark, overrall I think we've had some successful images throughout this project, I still don't think I'm that good at styling but I'm starting to open up a bit towards it now.
Until next time
Toodle Pip

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Kenzo : Fashion in Motion

A couple of weeks ago I got a notice saying the fashion company Kenzo were putting on a free (YES FREE!) fashion show at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, to celebrate 40 years in the fashion business, wowee doesn't time fly!! It was part of the museums "Fashion in Motion" series, so when we found out, Rosie stayed on the phone to the V&A for a good twenty minutes, bare in mind we had a photo shoot that day but some things are just far more important!
Now for all of you who might not know who Kenzo is, the company was started by Takada Kenzo who was originally from Japan, during 1970 and opened his first boutique in Paris, as well as Women's wear they also do collections for men and children! So there is something for everyone!
But anyway back to the night itself...
Rosie managed to nab 4 free tickets for this show so we grabbed a couple of chums and made it a girls night out with cocktails, do I hear Sex and the City? Yes we were trying to figure out which one each one of us were, apparently I'm Carrie?? Hmmmm I'll let you followers decide!
Anyway we got to the V&A rather early so we got a couple of cosmopolitans down us and had a good ole catch up. We decided to make the effort as Uni does kind of drag the glamour out of you! So I decided to put on my prize dress from winning the
Hemsby pin up contest, which was my "Bettina" dress (yes you did hear that right!) designed by the gorgeous Bernie Dexter
Wearing my lovely Red Bettina dress whilst sipping a cocktail, I've done my hair in a 40s style up "do" with mock Victory Rolls as I've not quite grasped it yet!
So it came to near on 8pm and we started queuing up for our seats and oh my it was so exciting, the queue seemed never ending! We sat in our seats, 3 rows from the front so I had a cracking view to take some shots! The show, like any main fashion event started late but once it started, oh my we were all in awe!! I've never seen anything quite like it, girls wearing very floral printed garments with African inspired head dresses and Japanese Geisha inspired shoes, I didn't know where to look  and couldn't seem to click my camera quick enough!
Models wearing pastel pinks with over layering effect and hoop inspired skirts

I love the shades of green and pink in this collection it was just magnificent customising it with vintage styled bra's I love it!

This seemed so African inspired, the fabric looks really exotic and the colours are quite calmer compared to the previous
I  wanted to steal the jacket off this model, it was so nice and is actually wearable other than on the catwalk!!
I found that the darker collections seemed more wearable than the pastel colours, the fabric in this dress seems quite Japanese because of the wave print, very Oriental.
What a Finale! The girls and I did wonder whether the models were doing rather quick changes, but with those head dresses and all that layering I think they would have been there until next week!
So my first Designer fashion show, it made me appreciate the course I am doing at University and made me also realise I am on the right career path, when I was there the atmosphere was unreal and has made me think I want more!
So next Fashion in Motion here I come!

Oh yes before I forget! We had a invite to the Kenzo store in a fortnight for a cocktail party, I may have to check my diary but you know I think I may just go.

Until next time
Toodle pip