Sunday, 23 January 2011

Oh Johnny Oh Johnny Heavens above!

It is a well known fact that the majority of us girls are well and truly head over heels in love with a certain gentleman that goes by the name of Depp, yes Johnny Depp. I also have a soft spot for him which also happens to be a well known fact but I generally do think he is an amazing actor as well as being umm rather dashing! But I found out something today that I didn't know before, our Johnny is somewhat a vintage clothing fanatic! I remember seeing him at an awards ceremony or a film premiere ( I can't remember which!) wearing a Western Jacket similar to the H bar C ones which you will catch a lot of men on the Rockin scene wearing either vintage or Repro ones, which got me thinking, does he really go for vintage?

Spot the resemblance?

My fella and I were talking about it the other day and he said a chum of his told him that Mr Depp was a big vintage collector, so as I am a bit of a dork I started looking around on the net to see what I can find, and yes apparently he is weak to a bit of vintage!
Johnny gets the majority of his clothes from a vintage company known as Kakkoii Mono to wear for premieres and ceremonies, so he doesn't look the norm so to speak, even wearing vintage he still manages to give a messed up look to an outfit, in the nicest possible way! Here are a few image of him wearing some good old fashioned gear.

Wearing High waisted pegs, these were worn through the forties and fifties, men's trousers were generally worn higher than today and were more baggy. Depp also wears his belt on the side which Elvis (supposedly) also did during the 1950s to stop his belt buckle scratching his guitar, I've noticed most men who wear pegs do this including my fella who told me this bit of useless info!

Johnny wearing a 1950s Hollywood Jacket with a 50s loop shirt, all of which are popular with men
on the Rockin Scene

Wearing a Vintage 50s "Ricky" Jacket (or some of you gents may call it a gab jacket because they are usually made from Gabardine fabric)
Similar to that of what teens wore during the 1950s

Forties double breasted suits and One button jackets with saddle style shoes

I love love love this suit!! 50s black and white fleck with matching high waisted pegs,
he even wears his hanker chief in his top pocket like a gentleman!
Like with most of his suits he wears his shirt collars over the lapels of his jacket which
was a strong look in the 1950s for men.
Now I'm not usually the type to write about celebs, especially as this post sounds stalker border line but honestly It is all about the clothes.. I promise
Until Next Time
Toodle Pip

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