Saturday, 11 June 2011

Kicking the summer off with some snaps

I came back to Lowestoft on Wednesday for three whole months, in this time I'm meant to get a head start on my dissertation, figure out what I want to do for my FMP, work and have a social life? How this is going to happen is beyond me. But I thought I'd start the holiday off with a little photo shoot on Thursday evening, it was at a place called Baconthorpe castle near Cromer, I'd never even heard of this and I've lived in the area all my life, sheltered life maybe? I found out it was going to be a group shoot with six photographers and three models so I was quite excited, but I also found out it was castle ruins not exactly a castle so I was a bit wary of how "Pin up" would work, but I got myself ready and away I went.
Here are some images from the group of photographers I worked with:
This was by Mark Whitmore, I think it looks quite moody and mysterious,
 even if I do look a bit young!

Love this by Andy Robinson!
Doesn't look like the average pin up and in
my comfy clothes too!
Love the vintage feel this one has to it by Andy Robinson!
I seemed to stay in this part of the ruins most of the shoot which I was a tad disappointed about because there were so many other parts to explore!
I adore this shot by Lynton Smith, the cropping of it is just amazing!

A shot by David Abbott, love the composition again, even though I was very uncomfortable
in rather tight Capri pants!!

And last but not least a finishing shot by Dean Mitchell
the angle is just so clever and like Dean said to me "this is my castle and what"
A fantastic shoot with a lovely bunch of photographers where I got some great shots for my portfolio I think!
The majority of the outfits I wore for this shoot are vintage minus the black Capri pants which were from
Freddies of Pinewood, a fab repro jeans company, check them out!
I hope to go back to Baconthorpe to do more of a darker gothic shoot because I think the location is more suitable to that rather then Pin up! So keep your eyes peeled

Until Next Time
Toodle Pip


  1. Some nice pictures there from others, and I agree, Baconsthorpe has much more potential........... I am happy to give it another go sometime over the summer, maybe, with as you say, a gothic feel to it.......

    Maybe next time, can use other bits of the castle!

  2. Hey, totally agree on where u were most of the evening. Could of done with working a tad faster so we all got to shoot different models in different points of the ruins. Some great images so far though, really pleased with your efforts. Thank You !!!

  3. thank you both for the comments :) looking forward to working with you again :D

  4. Happy to make you look a bit older if you really want. Not something I usually get asked though. I was a bit disappointed not to use that part of the castle, but totally understand why you wanted to move. Be happy to do a gothic shoot there anytime.


  5. Those are some great photos! You look beautiful!!!
    Sam xx

  6. Hhaha no its ok mark you don't have to make me look older, don't want wrinkles just yet, hope to shoot there again, and thank you Sam :) xxx