Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Summer styling~

Oh blog, How I've missed you! Third  year is well and truly underway and once again you've gone to the back of the line whilst I attempt (important word there!)
But I've come back and and thought I'd show off some of my new styling work that I did at the  beginning of term back in September, gosh doesn't that seem ages ago already, it is quite scary that I'm going to be twenty two soon!
Anyway back to the topic at hand! I got an email months ago from a photographer I had modelled for last year asking if I wanted to style a shoot for her and a jewellery designer, of course I said yes!
I didn't know what we were doing, what the style was or anything, I just got asked to bring dresses. So I raided my wardrobe and just took pot luck hoping they'd work!

Katie (of Katie Blench photography) picked me up at Chatham train station along with the beautiful model Alice and Sian of Sian Bostwick Jewellery  and away we went. We only went to the outskirts of Chatham but it seemed like we were a million miles away from the darn place, in a gorgeous park in the middle of nowhere! Here are some behind the scenes snaps I took on my phone!
This image and Chatham doesn't connect right?
our gear for the day! I love shoots and how much stuff you always have to take!

The girls left all of the set design and styling in my fair hands... whether this was a good thing or not I don't know! I think they were going for some kind of Alice in Wonderland, fairy tale style to a degree
so this is what I came up with!
Using all the bits and bobs Katie brought in her car, how it all fitted I will never know!
But I quite liked this, its quite Quaint English countryside!

As well as having all this Katie even managed to have some cupcakes designed by a local company
HoneyBunz and lordy lord they were beautiful, how anyone could put that much attention to something so tiny gets a round of applause from me!
How adorable are these? They also tasted AMAZING,
 shame to eat them really but someone had to!

I was also hair stylist for the day too and gave Alice a 1940s ish inspired hairstyle, hairstyling isn't my forte but I tried my best and I was pleased with the result
And the shoot begins!
Alice wearing a vintage dress Sian brought along
Some of Sians jewellery she makes by hand, I want some!

And now for the actual shots from the day...

I adore all of these shots, I think their so natural and effortless, I hope to work with these lovely ladies again on a shoot sometime as we were a damn good team!

Until Next Time
Toodle Pip


  1. it was a brillant day and wonderful pictures thank you for styling so beautifully lovely lady

  2. No problem huni, thank you for letting me be a part of it, I hope we'll work together again in the future :)x

  3. Those pictures look beautiful and the hair you styled looks fab.
    Lovely blog