Saturday, 17 December 2011

So I like to show off

Yes I do, I love to show off, so I thought I would show you lovely lot my work I've been doing at uni, as final year has taken over and I have lost the will to live but I like to think the work I've done makes up for it. I've decided that for my final year I'm going to play to my strengths and create work that suits my style and my interests because even though I love love LOVEEEE mainstream fashion, it just isn't me, as some of you would probably be able to tell!
So for my first project of final year I had to choose a brand to create an accessories range for, I chose the burlesque and cabaret club, Madame Jojo's, I worked together with my lovely friend Sarah and together we came up with a burlesque inspired bra range!

I  thought by using a club it was something a bit different to the normal handbag accessory range and it gave me something a bit more exciting to explore and I could use the excuse of 'research' to go out and have some fun!

Here are some of the images that I styled for it, I did a still life and model shoot, hope you like them!

My two favourite shots and what  a fantastic model, Shell Diablo, photography by 
Eddy Shaw and hair by Verity of the Vanity Box, amazing!

 We were lucky enough to shoot at the Dollhouse in Bishop gate, London, such 
a fabulous little club hidden away in the city, I must go there on a night out because
it's such an intimate venue with some great original features such as Victorian tiling, wowee!

Here are some of my still life shots that was shot at uni:

So these are some of my faves, I could have put loads up but I thought I'd choose my best because you don't want to see it all either,
I think I'm starting to like styling again so I'm not sure if this is the career path I want to go down but I think I'd like to do it on the side because I think I'm better at the more retro, styling than mainstream
I would love to hear any comments and opinions you've got!
I do apologise  for the naffness of this post, I've not got much writing inspiration but don't worry it'll come to me!
Until Next Time 
Toodle Pip


  1. These look awesome! The detail on the nipple-tassel-esk bra is intense.
    We love the collection. Good shoot too!
    JS xx

  2. I really like the pearly bra! Good luck in your final year. Mine almost killed me too but I got through!