Sunday, 18 December 2011

A-Z of me!

I saw this on Straight Talkin Mama's blog and I thought it was such a great idea I decided to do one also!! Hope you don't mind my love!

A-Age: 21 3 days away from being 22, arghh eight years away from 30!

B-Bed size:

Currently at university only a three quarter bed, I cannot wait to have my double back in my life!!

C-Chore that you hate:

Washing up and ironing, I hate many chores and would definitely make a rubbish housewife!

I pretty much like any dogs, their sooo cute

E-Essential start to your day:

Shower!! Helps me get motivated for the day...It tends to go downhill after that!

F-Favourite Colour:

Ask any of my ladies and they'll tell you it's yellow but I noticed when sorting through my wardrobe I own a lot of aqua and blue so maybe this is a secret fave that I never knew about!

G-Gold or silver:
White gold or silver, I think normal gold comes across to brash and tacky!


5ft 7 ish!! I was once the tallest in my class now I think I'm shrinking!

I-Instruments you play:

I used to play the keyboard for many years and also the bass guitar during my goth/emo stage but I've given up on both over the years!

J-Job title:

Full time bum .. I mean student!

I'm coming round to the idea now, I used to hate the thought of it but now I'm excited!


Chatham in Kent for uni and Lowestoft in East Anglia when I'm home for holidays!

M-Mothers name:



Obviously a lot of people call me Bettina as that's my modelling name, however it's either just Beth or some of my girls call me Boo!

O-Overnight hospital stays:

Nope,never (touch wood!) I've always been pretty good when it comes to doctors and hospitals luckily as it doesnt run in the family!

P-Pet peeves:

People not cleaning up after themselves!! People listening to music from their phone without headphones, how rude!? Bad manners in general, please and thank you goes a long way you know!

Q-Quote from a movie:

'I want you, I need you, oh baby oh baby' - 10 things I hate about you, still one of my most favourite films ever!!

R-Right or left handed:

I'm left handed but I do most things with my right! other than write, weird huh? Most people used to call me weird for being a lefty

An older brother, Kai who's nearly 27!

T-Time you wake up:

It depends on the day,  I try to stay in bed as long as possible if I can, I loveee my bed


I buy tooooooo much of it, I bloody love the stuff! I actually don't have any room to put in it anyway so  I need to stop buying it, hmm never! 
I adore What Katie Did and La Senza

V-Vegetable you hate:

Most to be honest! I'm soooo unhealthy its unreal

W-What makes you run late:

one of my pet peeves should have been I hate people running late but then I run late because I like to faff around doing nothing!

X-X rays you've had:
Only one for my ankle when I was younger

Y-Yummy food that you make:

I can't make food at all, I can't wait to learn to cook when I finish uni!!

Z-Zoo animal:
I don't like zoo's I think they're mean!

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