Monday, 6 September 2010

Hi ho Hi ho its off to school I go

So here I am again, this time things are slightly more familiar... Yes that's it, I'm going back to university for my second year!
  Gone are my first day nerves, will I fit in, what should I wear, will I get my head flushed down the toilet by the bigger kids.... OK maybe not that extreme but everyone has first day jitters don't they!  And now I'm going to my second year pretty sharpish!
 I still rememeber moving into halls and thinking OH MY GOSH!! WHERE WILL ALL MY CLOTHES GO!! Remembering leaving my parents and speaking to my (not then) boyfriend to reassure me I was doing the right thing... Then of course was the "house warming" party- where I met lots of great people and spent most of my evening hugging the toilet due to drinking a wee bit of vodka.. which of course I learnt a valuable lesson from that well until freshers week.
  The first year went tremendous and I enjoyed every minute with work experience at Vivien of Holloway, Tatty Devine and fashion shows! Here I am now nearly back in Rockin Rochester (well the delightful Chatham) sharing a house with 3 gorgeous girls!
   Of course there is the urge to buy "back to school" pens and "uniform" (of which I mean spending spree on Ebay!) But instead I'm here shopping, finding some delightful vintage styled signs for our home, Im quite lucky my house mate Rosie has similar taste so we can both buy anything vintage and know we'll both like it!
  I've got quite used to being under my mothers wing so I'll find it hard to leave her and my dad again but its a good job I'll be seeing them at the annual London tattoo convention in a few weeks!
   Who knows what the second year will bring, of course fun and frolics with my lovely ladies, oodles of experience in the fashion industry and god only knows what else! But if it goes as quick as the last year did I better start sending out the cv's otherwise its hello job centre!!

But until next time
Toodle pip!

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