Thursday, 9 September 2010

Name that style... Just call it vintage darling

So here are a few of  peoples gorgeous mug shots I took in and around London and Norwich for part of my creative styling summer project for university, the idea was we had to create some vox pops, be style hunters, take snap shots of any passers by that I caught my eye. Now being into everything 50s I could of easily gone and took photos of any rockin people but I thought no I'm going to give myself a challenge, and boy did I set myself a challenge, because where I'm originally from, Lowestoft, the most easterly point in Britain, the town that gave birth to glam rock band the Darkness, basically a very dreary old town with not a lot going on (can you see why I moved away!) , you're not exactly going to see the next  Alexa Chung wandering the streets!
    Trying to find interesting people to take pictures of in Lowestoft was rather tricky, unless I wanted chav chic or emo edge, I had to get outta town. So after running up to people and making a div of myself here are a few of the people I got some snaps of... Enjoy!

So all a bit different wouldn't you say? It did make me giggle to myself that when I asked each one how they would describe their style, they all said vintage, the question is though vintage what? What decade of vintage? I think its very obvious that vintage is heavily in fashion and people don't like to stick to one decade like me (Which I will admit can limit ideas sometimes!) And I think why not, that's what fashion is all about, experimenting with a bit of everything until you find your own style, so maybe that is why these lovelies found it so difficult to pinpoint what they were, they were still just experimenting!
I still have a good few more to take, I didn't put all of the images I had taken up, just my few favourites, I took all of their names but at the moment the piece of paper with these details on are somewhere in a cardboard box packed away until I move!
Until Next Time

Toodle pip!

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