Tuesday, 14 December 2010

My pick of the pops!

This is something completely off topic and something I haven't really wrote about before however I think it is something I may keep up with if I find people are interested in it (please let me know!)
I've decided to mention a few songs that I am somewhat obsessed with at the moment and I'd like to see if I can get a few of you liking them too, there will be a mixture of music as I am rather eclectic in what I listen to! So here goes...
The first one is by a guy who goes by the name of J.D McPherson and the song is North Side gal, my friend sent me the link to this on YouTube a few weeks back and then I heard it played at a Rockabilly club one night too! Jimmy Sutton is involved with the band playing bass I do believe (those who don't know of him, he is an amazing double bass player and singer from America! check him out!) and to be honest I wouldn't say the song is straight out rockabilly but I do like it, he has got one hell of a voice and I'm hoping to get his album soon!

Next track up is by another up and coming singer that everyone must have heard of by now, yes it's that love to hate fella Si Cranstoun, I'm not going to put up his song dynamo because it has been played so much in the last few months and I imagine everyone is tired of hearing it now, even though it is a brilliant dance track! I am going to mention another song off his album, alternative dance floor fillers, 50s pin up girl (how coincidental I know) but this is another great dancer and it has been stuck in my head ever since the Rhythm Riot, I do have a soft spot for Si because of his and his brothers ska band the Dualers, yes when I was around 15 I was a little Ska chick so when I heard them I knew I'd like them! But yes here is Si Cranstoun's 50s pin up girl, it is a live video I found on YouTube! 
Now going back to the time where the first two songs were inspired by here are a couple of originals that I am still obsessing over even though I have heard them time and time again.
The first one is Jackie Wilson, I'll be satisfied, I completely blame my fella for getting me obsessed with Mr Wilson (not that it's a bad thing of course) but I've come to hear a lot more of his tracks since being with him and this is one of them, definitely one of my favourites I think and I was so happy to hear the Cleftones sing it at the Rhythm Riot in November! Jackie Wilson was amazing during the fifties and went on to do some great stuff in the sixties and seventies too which I love just as much!

The second one is Wynona Carr, til the wells run dry, I'd always known of Wynona Carr but never had heard this song until recently, I must have been living in a dream land honestly!, I had heard her most famous of course which are ding dong daddy and touch and go but this had slipped on by without me realising, another dance floor filler and is always one to get me in a good mood! So play this out and you'll have me dancing!

I hope you enjoy these songs I've put up for you lovely lot, any requests and I'll put them up as and when I can. 
Keep an eye out for my new set of pin up pictures that are doing the rounds at the moment!
Until next time
Toodle Pip

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