Sunday, 12 December 2010

The return of the The Hollywood Starlet

Whilst I was at Blue water this weekend doing a bit of window shopping (and only that let me just clarify!) I noticed a few things that were quite different in some fashion shops, glamour is coming back ladies and not the trashy page three glamour either, that's right Hollywood glamour, I was looking at dresses, tops and there was a very strong vibe of decades from the twenties to the late forties. A friend and I spotted a 1930s inspired dress which was very Madeleine Vionnet , it was classic and it was enchanting, something that could be worn time and time again and a lady would look just as  beautiful in it each time. With a simple style to it I fell in love, however not so much at the price of £195 I had to let it go, bring on the January sales I say!
It seems people are looking back again at times where glamour was a way of life, women between the twenties and early sixties took great pride in their appearance and wanted to look feminine and beautiful and damn right they should. Women are meant to look glamorous and sexy this is what men love about us right?
I'm after a jumpsuit, I was a bit wary of this idea because I've never worn one in my life and I didn't particularly want to look like an eighties  reject and the majority of jumpsuits in shops are just tacky until I went into New Look and Found what seemed to be a seventies influenced but I liked it a simple black one shouldered jump suit.
See now this is something I think looks rather good(excuse my awful cropping of the image!) I tried it on and it just felt so comfortable, like I said it is very seventies however the seventies took a lot of influence from the forties so If I get this for my birthday I think with my hair pin curled it will look lovely! I like the fact that the trousers have a bit of a flare to them and are high waisted so this means it will suit my hourglass frame a treat!
But it was very classic and so was many other things I saw in shops, I mean of course dress lengths haven't really grown and I don't see them growing any time soon, its either maxi or mini I'm afraid and nothing in between, but the bodices of some of the dresses are very forties and fifties influenced and are very flattering for ladies. I also saw that River Island were selling Pretty Polly seamed tights.
Now obviously these aren't as good as seamed stockings in my opinion but for ladies that want a bit of class every day and a cheaper option these could be right up your street. I love the fact also the design is also very vintage inspired with the streamlined radio, the pose of the ladies legs and the general feel to it, very retro indeed.
You also now notice celebrities who go for the Hollywood glamour look such as Katherine Heigl, is it because they want to stand out from the rest or are they generally interested in past times? Or just wearing something their stylist simply told them would look good?
Katherine Heigl wearing a beautiful evening gown at an awards ceremony with fifties inspired hair, wowee!

All of this could be because of the new Cher and Christina Aguilera film BURLESQUE that is coming out this month. People have  certainly now opened their eyes to burlesque and it is certainly becoming more mainstream so are designers wanting to show this through their garments and give ladies a bit of retro chic?

Christina Aguilera in Burlesque
 Or are the general public simply following another trend similar to the "Mad Men" phase? I quite like it to be honest because I can now go into modern clothes shops and find clothes that are actually similar in design to those of the decades I am interested in, the forties and fifties. I can now mix and match vintage with contemporary without feeling too uncomfortable in it because some outfits now do just scream pure class and this is what I like, call me a snob, I don't care, I like to look good and sometimes high street fashion just isn't for me. Personally being a lady myself there is nothing more captivating than a woman dressed up to the nines in alluring garments with a bit of glitz, their hair styled nicely, beautiful red lips and a damn good handbag, I'm sure most of you would agree. So will we see a bit of Hollywood glamour over the Christmas period, oh I do hope so. Ladies, ditch the jeggings and go for something a bit more seductive with a ravishing evening gown or pencil skirt, or like me a classic jumpsuit.
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  1. Oh you've posted a blog after ages! I love the glamour era! I was just watching Betty Boop and I know that that is not the same but I really love it when fashion goes back.
    Great jumpsuit by the way

  2. yes sorry i havent been able to do a proper blog in so long because I've been away from my computer, this will change though!!! glad you enjoyed it :)