Saturday, 28 August 2010

Truely an amazing Grace

This week I went on a two day trip to London with my parents as a little trip away (I've noticed how different it is in the distance when I live at home to when I live at University, a trip to London from home is a biiiig deal, where as at university it's as easy as popping to the shop for a pint of milk). The main reason was to go shopping of course, however there was the Grace Kelly exhibition too that I've been waiting to see for months now as every time I have gone to visit it, it has been sold out!
Outside the exhibition wearing a vintage
 50s gab shirt and 60s Enid Collins style bag
   So after a dreary early morning start (who would believe how dark it is at 5am on an August morning!) we dropped our bags off at our b&;b and headed to the Victoria and Albert museum where the exhibition was being held. Even after countless times of visiting this museum, I'm still in awe of the building and the permanent exhibitions they have. So once mum and dad had took their jaws off the ground we had a quick wander around the museum with me as their tour guide!
Dresses from High Society


   We headed to the exhibition at 4pm and it was packed! I had seen a sign previously at the entrance saying all entrances to the exhibition were sold out! So even after at least five months people were still going crazy for this exhibition, Grace darling you certainly caused a stir!
      However it was a little on the smaller side for an exhibition,especially after all the hype there has been over it. Not to say that it wasn't worth it, oh no! The outfits were simply stunning, showing dresses from films such as high society (which of course was her last film) and Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window. It was so nice to see these outfits in the flesh after seeing the films so many times over the years and still kept in such an amazing condition, you would have thought they were made yesterday! The famous costume designer Edith Head designed most of her outfits on and off screen. As well as making fantastic films in the 50s she was also known for her marriage to Prince Raineir III of whom she got married to in 1956 and became Princess consort of Monaco, even whilst married she was still a famous fashion icon which was shown well in the exhibition, with her famous kelly bag that ladies still clamber over today.
 The fashions of each decade she lived were clearly portrayed through each outfit displayed, her class and beauty on full display for everyone to see, even initimate items such as sunglasses and sketched designs of outfits. It was lovely to see such a variety of people showing their interest for vintage fashions and of a true icon. From teenagers to ladies who can remember her from first time around.
    It also came to my attention how slim Grace Kelly was, people always look back on the 40s and 50s for ladies with curves but Grace Kelly was different to women of the time, if she was around today and as slim as she was, surely she would have been involved with the size zero debate? She did have curves don't get me wrong but compared to other bombshells of the time such as Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield she was a tad on the skinny side. Looking at her garments ohh how envious I was! Maybe this was just what made Grace stand out that little bit more, she was in a category of her own,they do say it's always better to stand out from the crowd then blend in and she certainly did that, to me she was an actress and starlet that todays Hollywood stars are no comparison to.
   Having waited for a very long time for this exhibition, I remember this being advertised a year or so ago when I went to another exhibition at the museum, and for me it was certainly worth the wait.
   After the exhibition it was time to get serious and get our shopping heads on. With taking a trip to Beyond Retro where I picked up a fabulous western shirt (can I have a YEEEEHAWWW)  and bought a lovely aqua pencil dress from Vivien of Holloway simply on the basis I saw one of the assistants wearing it and it looked so good I had to buy it! Surely that's a good enough reason.... rightt?
    What a wonderful couple of days in London, even if a bit damp but perfect for any fashionista out there! I managed to get some great Vox Pops too but that will just have to wait for another blog at another time.
                    Until next time  Toodle Pip!
Collecting thoughts on the way home wearing a vintage 50s
cashmere sweater and beret from beyond retro

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