Thursday, 18 November 2010

Burlesque mime vs Katie Price

I've finally got round to editing a few images from a shoot I did a couple of months ago with the photographer Peter Taylor, I decided I wanted to do something different so I put on my face paint and squeezed into a couple of corsets and away I went, I can't really say the look I was going for, however I think it somehow worked into a mime artist look!
Wearing my What Katie Did corset and Scroll necklace byPeggy Sue Jewellery
So I finally got round to wearing my green corset that I bought months ago!
It works so well with the PVC skirt I wore!
I think this image looks quite burlesque influenced, I would like to invest in some
 fans but maybe when I win the lottery
Then after seeing Katie Price in the then latest copy of Wonderland and the photo shoot she did I wanted to try and recreate it, I know what you're thinking, Katie Price you can't be serious?! But no this fashion shoot was completely different to her usual glamour work,it was grimey and grungey and I loved it!!
So I wanted to do something that was similar because I had the clothes, its jeans I wear most days!! my hair wasn't as long unfortunately but I think it worked!!
I didn't quite know how to get the high contrast shadow but I
 quite like the way they have turned out

Its obviously very different from my regular pin up modelling but I think it works quite well, I'd like to do something like this again because I found it quite easy and Peter Taylor was a great photographer to work with so hopefully next year I will do some more interesting shoots like this
Look out for my blog on Kustom Kristmas
Until Next Time
Toodle Pip

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