Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Bright and Early start to in Gravesend

As I have been so busy with uni work I've let my modelling side slip a fair bit and this has annoyed me greatly! Because you know occasionally it is fun to pull faces in front of a camera. So me being the silly girl that I am applied for a casting with a local photographer but then I looked at the date and realised it was the same date as The Rhythm Riot, how could I possibly get this mixed up you may ask, I know I was in shock too. I told the photographer and he asked whether I was free at the weekend, I thought it over with the work load I still had to and thought Oh what the heck!!
    I got up rather early for it and met the photographer who was a lovely chap and I think we got some fab shots from that morning, it was a rather short and sweet photo shoot but I didn't mind because it meant that I could get on with my coursework and it was also a bit nippy so I was happy to be back in the warmth.
    Anyway here are some of the images, I hope you like them!!!
Wearing my Vivien of Holloway halterneck pencil dress
It is amazing how my bags under my eyes weren't that noticeable!!
Unfortunately I had lost some weight since I last wore this dress so it was a bit loose,nothing an elasticated belt couldn't solve
                                 However I am wearing my lovely Rocket Original shoes

                     According to a friend I remind them of Imelda May in this one
                                                                   Any thoughts?
This was near what used to be Vintage red telephone boxes
 but for some reason they'd painted them green?
What was I thinking about?
Answers on the back of a postcard

I like that this has a grainy edge to it, It
gives it a vintage feel to it

I'm very convincing at not looking cold!!

Hope you've enjoyed my new pictures ladies and gents, I shall be putting my editing cap on soon and putting some old ones up too!! Also check out my blog about Kustom Kristmas that's happening in London, and my view on my first Rhythm Riot!!
Until next time
Toodle Pip

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