Monday, 15 November 2010

The Flapping depression final shoot

I'm now coming to the end of my creative styling project, Yes it has been 10 weeks already , and yepp its nearly christmas (Keep an eye out for my next blog about an upcoming christmas event!!)  And I thought I Would show my final images from our very successful photoshoot with the lovely Eddy Shaw again as photographer!!
We kept one of the models from the test shoot at the Ace Cafe, the fabulous
Joe Worthington Leese and picked up two other models Billy Sutherland and Bradley Austin who were both just brilliant on the day and so friendly, so if any of you are looking for models for photoshoots I could not recommend these three enough! A great bunch of guys.
But yes the shoot, we had the same trend, very Charlie Chaplin/20s/30s inspired, with a few more outfits thrown in and we shot at Chatham Dockyard to give it a very industrial unique feel to the images.
Here they are. I hope you like them!

I love the layout of this image there is a lot of texture with the brickwork and the darkness from
under the bridge, it creates a sense of mystery and moodiness I think.

I think this composititon works well with three models and the triangles in the garden.
I've given it a different tinge to the previous so it looks more blue.

I found the styling worked quiet well, after we had done this shoot I noticed in Arena Homme magazine
similar styling with the vest over the jacket which looked also very 30s,
I do believe we've caught onto a trend before it's started!

I found this was the only image that worked in colour, I think it is a very
strong fashion image, I like the compostition because it would make a good double page spread
I added a grainey effect to it to make it look a bit more grungey

I love the composition of this because of the texture of the sky because it looks overcast and creates a moody atmosphere
This was with a train at the location, it looks like working man shot

I loved the jacket we used in this shot which was from Topshop, this is such a natural shot but I think it captures the model and outfit really well.

So these are some of the ones we've decided to use for our final project, fingers crossed for a good mark, overrall I think we've had some successful images throughout this project, I still don't think I'm that good at styling but I'm starting to open up a bit towards it now.
Until next time
Toodle Pip


  1. Very nice. I esp. like the color shot and the composition in the garden with the triangle hedges. The others are nice, but if they have a message, it's a little lost.

  2. they don't really have a message its just a trend we were basing the photoshoot on

  3. They're beautifully shot. Well done.