Sunday, 6 February 2011

Images for Lady K clothing

Oh dear I'm getting behind on my blog again, seriously I really don't know how people can keep it up constanly, I've got so much to do at the moment it is unreal with trying to keep up with univesity work, modelling, my Uk Rock article I seem to forget about my followers on here, so I do apologise to you all!
So when I went back up to Lowestoft in my reading week I managed to fill it fully with photo shoots because I didn't know when I'd get a chance to do that many when I got back to Kent. One photo shoot I did was for the clothing company Lady K Loves  which is a rather lovely rockabilly 50s inspired clothing line, the lovely lady behind this is Miss Kessie May, me and her got talking over the wonders of facebook and thought it would be great to collaborate for a photo shoot, I'd had my eye on Lady K's clothing for a while and always wanted to shoot in some of it and now was my chance!
Lady K Loves are based in the lovely town of Brighton and if you got to the Hemsby weekend you will see their clothing on the Round Up Records stall there and it's great! Feminine and figure hugging with a neo twist on all things Vintage, what more could a girl want in this day and age?
I had a great shoot with the photographer Emily Jane  who I worked with last summer, a great girl and an AMAZING photographer and here are some of the results we got on a very cold day shooting at the Plantation gardens in Norwich.
Wearing Delores Jacket and skirt

You can't tell luckily how cold it was on that day but we managed it and had a great shoot!
I can't wait to see these outfits on Lady K's website
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  1. I love it :) beautiful outfits and looking lovely as always!
    Well done! :) xx