Sunday, 20 February 2011

Can Marc Jacobs do no wrong?

I'm going to stop apologising every blog update I do for being late now because it's getting to be somewhat the routine, I truly wish I had more time to do my blog because I would generally be doing it as often as I could however unfortunately I can't but I will always try when I can.
As I was flicking through the Evening Standard the other day I noticed a full page article on the man himself Marc Jacobs, showing his new Autumn/Winter 2011 collection, and honestly I don't think he can put a foot wrong in the world of fashion, we saw his last Autumn/Winter collection for Louis Vuitton with a tribute to the feminine fifties and this time we've seen his own collection for a space aged twist on the forties, amazing!
Everyone sits up and takes note when he shows for, be it  Louis Vuitton or his own collection and then by luck will have it you see his designs being watered down to the high street for people such as you and I to buy.
Through this collection there seemed to be a number of different influences including of course the forties but outfits to me seemed inspired by matadors and possibly the Amish? However he added a twist to some of the well cut figure hugging suits by making the trousers in latex or throwing in an overload of polka dots to it. Either way I loved it and it makes my love for Marc Jacobs even stronger, when I was just checking out his Marc by Marc Jacobs collection there was another heavily 70s influence to it, so does he love looking back on times forgotten? If he does he does it with standard by bringing alive decades slipped by. Here are some of the outfits from his Autumn/Winter collection!
Fish scale Pencil dress, I think so!
Polka dot galore in a very Dior-Esq pencil suit
The berets seem very Greta Garbo/Marlene Dietrich to me
I would love to wear this outfit in the winter, the jacket is just adorable!
Ohlaee!! I don't think this model would be going to fight any bulls dressed in this
matador inspired outfit! Especially not in those  shoes!
I love love loveee this outfit, the skirt is amazing, definitely something I would wear
it creates the perfect hourglass shape!
I've noticed that when I tend to follow  catwalk shows their the ones that relate to me the most which I generally think is a good thing!
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