Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The beautiful city that is... Norwich?!

A friend and I took a trip to Norwich today so I could find some location shots for possible photoshoots as part of my project for University and even though the weather was pretty grim (well it is the British summer people!) and we had to take shelter a few times because I didn't wear the correct attire for the rain, I found some beautiful shots all around the city and we kept saying how we had forgotten how beautiful parts of Norwich are, even the subways that are covered in graffti art work, I find them stunning, now I know a lot of people don't like it because it is ruining of public buildings but the people who do this are very talented artists and surely some could be the new Bansky? We also found a wall full of it which seemed that it had been put up especially for artists such as this and it was so colourful and would make the perfect setting for an alternative glamour or punk photoshoot with models wearing drainpipe jeans, leather jackets, tartan tops or it could go the opposite and fluroescent outfits,bikini tops and shorts.
We also went around the old part of the city near the Cathedral and the riverside and its so lovely to see that people have still kept their houses in keeping with the history of the city, I certainly would love to live in one of these houses, it was amazing to see as well that it is so peaceful and had very few people around so we could just walk around and take in the scenery even though if I'm completly honest I did feel like a tourist taking so many photographs, but as I once heard, it's nice to be a tourist in your own town sometimes (even though Norwich isn't my town but that is besides the point!).
   These images I took would be perfect for the style of photo shoots I specialise in, 1940s and 50s ones because the scenery is spot on for it, they would also make fantastic locations for Victorian (of which I haven't seen many shoots in this style) or gothic with the model wearing classic corsets and long velvet skirts. I will certainly look into shooting in this part of the city before I go back to university.

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