Monday, 26 July 2010

Something a little different

I did a photo shoot a couple of weeks back now, and I was looking to do something a bit more... modern I suppose, if that's the right word? So luckily enough I found a photographer from Norwich to do the shoot with and he had found an old derelict farm to shoot at just outside Norwich and wowee it was fabulous! I'd been looking to shoot somewhere like this for a while now because I find I get turned down by photographers because I specialise in Pin up, so I think they think this is all I can do?? Noooo its not!! So since then I've been wanting to try some more alternative work and this shoot worked out well for it because of the location, I couldn't have asked for anything better, there was burnt out buildings, graffiti and it was really picture esq, not quite sure I could ever say a derelict farm was picture esq but it was I can assure you! 
      I had my hair styled quite simply, with just a curled fringe and the rest of my hair was straight ( I very rarely straighten my hair nowadays and it felt strange! Considering I was once a girl who couldn't live without her straighteners!!) I kept my make up the same as I have it for pin up shoots and I wore my trusty black corset that has been with me through the good, the bad and the down right ugly, a black shirt and leopard print drainpipes which I kept from my punk era pre 18 years old and I still fitted in them!!! Only just thought but I was still happy, even though I forgot how uncomfortable drainpipe jeans are!! I  also wore my reproduction 1950s leopard print pencil dress from the American company Stop Staring so I felt I still had a 50s feel to it.
      Anyway the photographer was a great guy with a good sense of humour (which trust me is always handy to  break the ice at photo shoots!), and I thought the photos were something a little different for me and I was pleased with the results, so here are a couple whilst I await the others!  Hope you all like them!

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