Friday, 23 July 2010

Bill Haley... what a man

Good Afternoon peeps! And what a dreary afternoon its been, even though I'm still in excited mode from yesterday's plannings so it's not all bad.
      As I was styling my hair tonight to go round my friends for drinks( strictly sailor jerrys of course) I was listening to a rock n roll/rockabilly complitation that my dad bought for me, for only £5! and its such a great cd, with such a mix of classic tracks from artists such as Jack Scott, Frankie Lymon, Bob Luman, good selecton I'd say... anyway one of the tracks was R.O.C.K by Bill Haley and the comets and as soon as I'd listened to it I was in an even better mood then I was before, of course I have heard this track time and time again and even been lucky to see the comets live a good 4 or 5 times (even though the first time I saw them was still the best in my eyes).
But it got me thinking how brilliant him and the band were, a lot of younger people on the rockin scene dismiss him for being mainstream and "jivey" when I think their bonkers to! He had that sound that makes you want to dance and when its turned up full blast it sounds even better (I'm sure my neighbours loved it). A lot of people turn their noses up at classic rock n roll but if you go to any rockabilly club you'll hear them play classic rock n roll, like Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, you name it they play it and you see these people who say they don't like classic rock n roll jiving to it!
   Now I don't know if its because they associate Bill Haley with jive clubs because to be fair you will hear a lot of him at jive clubs.. why?? because his music is perfect to dance to!! But in my opinion they shouldn't be so fast to criticize because he as well as many other artists from the 50s started out before rock n roll was around in the 1940's so he is clearly one of the fathers of rock n roll and was making amazing records alongside all the fantastic rockabilly/rock n roll artists of the time!
   Today there seems to be a strong line between rock n roll and rockabilly clubs even though as I said they basically play the same music minus a  obscure track that dj's like to dig out every once and a while, I don't know if people are secretly scared they'll get called "plastic" if they admit to liking  music heard at jive clubs, to be honest I'm not that bothered ,it just seems a little daft if you ask me, so I stick to what I like and always liked thanks to my dear ole parents  and that is rock n roll. You never know one Bill Haley track could be the one track that gets someone from a jive club into the other aspects of rock n roll and rockabilly and that can only be a good thing right??
I'm sure Bill would be happy none the less.

                                      Here's the legendary song itself, R.O.CK

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