Wednesday, 28 July 2010

New goodies?.. Oh of Corset is

As any other vintage/rockin girl will know, ebay is a god send for all our vintage and burlesque goodies and as I've been working my butt off over this summer I thought it was about time I treated myself (good enough reason I should say) because being at uni does have it's restrictens especially in the ole bank department so what perfect timing as I have plenty of shoots coming up so of course a girl can never have too many outfits!
    I'd been wanting a new corset for a long long time now as I do have a little obsession with them and I seem to wear the same ones in past shoots all the time. I managed to get a beauty and a bargin off ebay the other day of which was an over bust dark green brocade corset, ohhh its stunning, as soon as I opened it I fell in love and with a little help off my lovely mother I was soon laced up in it! It's such fine quality for how cheap it was and with free postage!!! It fits like dream too which if you get the correct corset size for your waist there is no reason why it shouldn't, if buying your first corset you should measure your waist in inches and take around 2-4 inches off (or if you're feeling really brave 4-6!) , it does take some time to adjust to these but if worn often you can train your waist down inch by inch  All of my corsets are different sizes and the smallest is a 20", this one however was a 22" because my shape changes so often, I'm never quite know which size to get, but this one I think is perfect for my size because it still gives me room to move and is comfy but bending over in it is a wee bit tricky!
      Now all us ladies know that corsets are pefect for either pin up shoots or burlesque(especially the second) and look great with a pair of stockings and frilly knickers, however they look beautiful worn out at a rockin weekender such as the Rhythm Riot for a bit of glam, team it up with a super tight pencil skirt to give you extra wiggle or if you want a bit more movement a pair of capri pants and you'll have all the guys heads turning as you walk by.

      For now, I'm planning on using mine for an upcoming shoot I have soon of which I'll be posting up pictures of course but I'm sure I'll be wearing it out soon enough, keep your eyes peeled!!

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