Tuesday, 24 August 2010

So here I am...

It seems that I've come to a brick wall at this moment in my life, this rarely happens with me, I can't seem to remember how I get out of this tricky situation!
   Recently my heads been on the go all the time, I've got several up coming plans in my head of which I can't mention until I've had confirmation of these certain things. I've been busy with work, photoshoots and thoughts on university, a lot going on in my little ole life really?
  I think it's time I got my career on the go, I've still got two years of uni left, but I want to get something underway soon! I've been speaking to my friend Rosie (and soon to be house buddy!) and shes been such a busy bee with styling here there and everywhere. By the sounds of it I think she's found what she's good at! I think I've still got a while to go, I enjoy a bit of everything at the moment.
   As you can see I love writing and with writing my fashion article for UK rock that certainly keeps me busy, I've done a bit of styling here and there mainly for projects, however I am styling my friend Dollface Darling's photoshoot soon so that be interesting.
   However I still can't help but think where do I go from here? I am trying to get myself heard, who by I'm still not sure, be it through my modelling or my writing. Hopefully I will find what is good for me and I will catch the eye of someone exciting in someway or another!

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