Wednesday, 26 January 2011

J'adore Dior!!! (And the lovely Mr Galliano)

Couture Fashion week has been happening in Paris this week, everyone in the fashion world is going mad  for the up and coming Autumn/Winter 2011 collections, men's fashion week has been and gone and now the creme de la creme of Fashion have been presenting their pieces they have been working on since last season, their pieces that they have worked their blood, sweat, and tears into, to show to the highest of highest, the richest of richest, the garments that I can only talk about and dream that maybe one day  I too could hold a couture gown in my hands,well in my dreams anyway.
There is one designer that I have always been smitten with, this is probably due to him starting off one of the most famous looks of the 20th century, yes Christian Dior, unfortunately he only led a short life in the glamorous world of fashion but he certainly made everyone sit up and take notice and thank god he did because it would truly not have been the same without him!
 Since 1996 John Galliano has been designing for Dior and has been keeping the label alive ever since, which leads me onto his Spring/Summer collection of 2011.
Galliano has always been known for looking back to Christian Dior's past collections during the fifties and this collection really shows a true love for the man that took the world by storm at this time. It couldn't come at a better time with the Rene Gruau exhibition coming to a close in London, Rene Gruau was famous for creating  Dior's fashion illustrations from the the 1947 Miss Dior Perfume advert to through out the fifties.

This collection takes inspiration from Gruau who was a close friend to Dior in this collection, using a selection of tones and shades from his colour palette with bold reds and slick blacks to match the way Gruau's way of painting, which was also represented in the models make up,  it shows Galliano's love for the era recreating the famous hourglass essence with fifties influenced ball gowns and empowering pencil suits, all beautifully embroidered by only the finest atelier's. Dior's couture show is always about going back to the roots and this has gone back to the very seed of Dior with elegance from the hair style's of the models which is also spot on for the collection instead of giving it a contemporary nudge, this show had to have authenticity or It wouldn't have worked. It has been my favourite show out of this season so far. Here are a few of my favourite garments.

A walking illustration with the gliding black lines of the jacket
creating an hourglass shape to the outfit
The famous Red pleated circle skirt used as a contrast to the monochrome

A fiery evening gown with sultry Jane Russell styled make up
This outfit just oozes power! The pose, the expression, it is clear that Galliano wanted
female domination!

Belle of the ball! This somehow reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast?
This dress is classic 50s prom dress and the detailing in the skirt is incredible.
Little girls dream of trying dresses like this on when their older, I'm now older and
I am dreaming of wearing it.

The different tones of grey work so well together in this outfit
Very sixties influenced with the style of dress, the embroidery sends me towards
Japan and their people with the way they stitch cherry blossom into a tapestry.

This is my favourite out of all the collection, These images are a bit scrambled I do apologise
The dress is spot on, the netting makes the dress come from something so simply designed
to something extravagant with icicle blues and the models Porcelain complexion gives it that classic
fifties look, something you would expect Diana Dors to wear.

This collection is a stand out from the rest and Dior would be proud
Until Next Time
Toodle Pip

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