Wednesday, 19 January 2011

For when I have my little vintage home

Similar to my last blog, I seem to have fallen in love with Antique drinking glasses! I like to think, however cliche it sounds that when I get my own home that I can create my own little vintage haven, I know a lot of people seem to do this but I don't necessarily want to do it in every room, maybe just one room with some vintage bits and bobs around the house, to be honest I think this is a good way to start because Antiques can be so expensive especially around the London area which is where I hope to live in a couple of years.
Luckily where  I'm living at the moment in Rochester I have two fabulous little antique shops that I love to go in when I get the chance and they are pretty reasonable with their prices.
I popped there on Saturday with my fella for a general nose around and we first spotted an antique fifties coffee set but unfortunately couldn't afford it, I was rather heart broken because it was a beautiful black and white atomic set, but we left it be and I'm so glad we did because we found some cute little antique glasses for bargain prices and I thought I would share them with you!
Set of 12 glasses that were still in the box! Antique fifties, oh I adore them very feminine and pretty!
Excuse my chipped nails!  My fella spotted these and I was quite surprised he did because they are more of a woman's glass I'd say, definitely suited for spirits or to put your fruit juice in to go with your breakfast!
The second set was a true bargain, I managed to get an antique jug and glasses, now I don't think these are authentic fifties, they are quite possibly seventies but I still love them never the less!
I love these and really cannot wait to use them I think the Jug will be perfect for cocktails! I would love to be able to display these in an antique cabinet, One day definitely.
Finally here is a set my lovely friend bought me a little house warming present for when I moved into my house last year, these are quite possibly my favourite
So beautiful don't you think? the thing is with all these glasses I've now got I'm too scared to use them in my current house because I wouldn't want to break any of these but then I think they are only being hidden away until I can use them, it's like having a dress in a wardrobe and not being able to wear it... hang on a minute that sounds familiar!
Hope you like these beauts!
Until next time
Toodle Pip


  1. Ooh, that last Atomic set is incredible! I'd be afraid to break them too, but there's no way I could stash them away. At least put them on a shelf in the kitchen so you can admire them daily.

    Even the dresses in my wardrobe that are awaiting that extra special occasion get brought out and worn around the house once in a while. If not just to twirl in front of the mirror. They're so pretty, I have to enjoy them.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  2. They are beautiful aren't they!!! My friend had very good taste I must say, Yes you're right I need to get over my fear, their too pretty to be hidden away!!
    Darling you are so right!!!