Thursday, 6 January 2011

Too many shoes not enough time

Now Christmas is over and done with, what comes next, oh yes January sales! You can't have a Christmas break without spending a fortune in the sales, well with me I just need an excuse to go spend money and now I can say that I'm well and truly broke but I have some glam new shoes to keep me happy for a little while anyway. When I was 'oop north recently visiting my fella we decided to do a bit of shopping and I got in a right sulk because I couldn't find any nice shoes for New Years Eve night so there I was huffing and puffing, I wanted a lovely pair to go with my dress I was wearing, I didn't really want flats because that's all I seem to live in so I thought I'd brave it and look for some heels.

My luck was in when I went into
Barratts which was my last port of call when I'd had enough of hunting and finding zilch, I first went to the sale rail as anyone who knows me I am a bit of a cheapskate! I found some gorgeous black lace heels and in my size
As I went to try these on my man pointed out a pair that would certainly make my feet shine! Could I afford both pairs? Well you only live once so I tried these beauties on too
I needed a gold pair to go with my green and gold dress and these matched a treat! I managed to stay in them the majority of the night until I wanted to dance then the flats came on!
Go on the Barratts website and check these stunners out. At good prices too even if I myself a cheapskate does say so!
So no more shoes now for me, well maybe until I can afford these from Marks and Spencer...

mmmm I'd better start doing the lottery!
Until Next Time
Toodle Pip


  1. love those marks & spencer heels! m&s always surprise me with their shoe collections - it's always amazing! they must have a great shoe designer/buyer! x

  2. I know!! They do have some fab ones!! three cheers for their designer!!