Monday, 17 January 2011

A little collectors item

I've always wanted to collect something but nothings really ever took my fancy, I mean I'm a girl so I generally collect shoes and many types of clothing, mostly vintage, so I guess I am a bit of a vintage collector however when I was in Southwold during the summer I found a bag in a little antique shop hidden away, Southwold is such a cute little town, only five minutes up the road from my home town and I never think to go there, bizarre!
This bag caught my eye straight away, it was beautiful covered in little gems and crystals, I'd seen so many on EBay and Etsy but never thought to buy one, so as soon as I saw this I thought I'm having that without even looking at the price, to be honest now looking back on it I did buy spontaneously because I could of got the same back for better condition and cheaper on the Internet but live and learn!

These bags are by the designer Enid Collins or usually inspired by her, the company Collins of Texas started in 1959 and carried on until Enid Collins sold the company during the 1970s, there were two types of bags, the wooden box bag or the canvas bag. The company also sold diy bag kits so a lot of the ones you can buy off the Internet are actually imitations, which to be honest I think I have but I still love them nevertheless!
Collins bags are somewhat the collectors item now and as I have fell head over heels for them I've decided to collect them (with my father constantly going you don't need anymore bags!!) .
If you are wanting to collect them the ones obviously that are worth more are the ones with the jewels still intact, unlike my first one which hardly have any jewels on!
This is the one I purchased in Southwold, pretty even though a bit jewel-less!
Other collectibles ones are ones with the signature on, these can go for over £70 if you are lucky to find one!

This is the type of label to look for, On the Canvas bucket bags the signature is usually scribbled on with the design that is carefully hand painted on!
 So hunt out bargains on eBay, in shops such as Beyond Retro and other vintage shops, because luckily these types of shops don't usually realise how much they are worth because they only see it as "vintage" and don't know anything about labels! 
I bought this little darling at Beyond Retro for £30 and only has one gem missing!! I didn't even look at the price when I picked it up, I just knew I had to have it!  
I've noticed that even though I'm a fifties girl at heart I'm glancing towards more vintage sixties bags, what does it matter though if you think its pretty?

This is my little collection! The one nearest to the left is one I got off Etsy, I think it is a diy one because I found another lovely lady that had it and it is one of the cheapest to buy off the Internet,so I generally use this and my Southwold buy as everyday bags, as they are fairly large so I can fit all my rubbish in it!
I only have three but I have another coming on the way which looks something like this...

And it is an actual Collins bag too! I love the tan leather finishing, it stands out so much more than my other three! I'm happy that I now have something to collect, the only thing is finding somewhere to put them all! I have two wardrobes and both are chocker block with bags! A steady investment for the future I think!
How adorable is this advert!? If only she knew how much her bags would go for today!!
                                                                     Until Next Time
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