Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Goodbye to 2010..

Yes 2010 has been and gone in the blink of an eye! I really can't believe how quick it has gone and what a blast it has been, I've gone through a lot of ups and downs in the past year I think, luckily though its been mainly ups and 2011 seems to have kicked off with a high but I thought I'd reflect over the past year and what 2011 may bring!
The beginning of the year came with some sad news with the loss of my gran which left a big gap in my family and I still miss her every day but we had to get on and positive things came and passed in my life such as landing a fashion article in the 50s Rock n Roll magazine
UK Rock which for me felt like a light bulb going off in my head and made me discover my love for writing which I didn't realise I had and since April 2010 I've been writing my monthly article on fifties fashion, this has pushed me further with creating my blog and emailing other magazines.

Then came May and the Hemsby Pin up Contest where I won first place in the contest which I never expected to get as to say having the jitters would be a slight understatement, there were some gorgeous girls in that competition and I didn't think I'd even come in the top three but no I was wrong and I got some great vouchers to spend and got a double page spread in MilkCow magazine!!
I had constant photo shoots through out the year luckily enough, I got to work with some fantastic photographers and I definitely think I have become so much more confident in myself with modelling and am hoping 2011 will give me more of this.
University wise I passed each project and got through to the second year with good grades and am now half way into it! How quick it's gone, I've only got a year left until I have to go into the big wide world! Through Uni I've now done three work placements with three companies, Tatty Devine, Vivien of Holloway and of course Vintage Patisserie!! I'm finally getting some names on my CV!!
Towards the end of this year I went to my first Rhythm Riot where people were recognising me from the magazines which I thought was lovely!
I was also getting emails from newbie pin ups asking me for advice which is a real boost for me if I do say so, which makes me think I might do a post on some of my best pin up advice.
I celebrated my 21st birthday with a blast last month and was also Miss December in a blog calendar from a photographer I worked with!
So what can 2011 do to top such a great year? well I'm hoping to do some more writing for other magazines, blogs etc, really pull my finger out with modelling, which I'm already starting to line up!
Carry on doing great at Uni and all being well get some work experience at a magazine. As I've thought to myself that however much I loved working for smaller individual companies I think it is time to take a step up the ladder and try a designer or a well known magazine.
What can it offer? Only time will tell
Until Next Time
Toodle Pip

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