Sunday, 23 January 2011

Four in a Million... coming to a theatre near you

I love going to the theatre when I can, but unfortunately living in the little town of Lowestoft has never let me explore it properly, I have seen a few in my short 21 years luckily as Norwich is just up the road from where I live during non uni times and they occasionally have some good shows! A few I've managed to see was Singing in the Rain, Buddy and Doctor Dolittle (with Philip Scofield in!!) I see going to the theatre as something quite old fashioned, for quite some time people would frequently go there for an nice evening out, this obviously still happens today but then it was more seen as a necessity to go out to the theatre and it was for more of the upper class. I love it because you can put on your glad rags for an evening of watching something that you love!
Which leads me onto the subject of this post!

The Million Dollar Quartet is hitting London, no not the real one, that would be slightly bizzare if it was the real thing, even though amazing but bizzare never the less, of course I mean the show, for those of you who don't know of the Million Dollar Quartet then you have missed out.
On 4th December in the year of 1956 four men came together and recorded some of their most favourite songs , these were Elvis Presely, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis. And it all happened in the widely known studios that was Sun Recording studio in Memphis, Sam Phillips (then owner) saw a moment not to be missed when Elvis came on in Carl Perkins recording session and started possibly one of the most famous jam sessions in History, and Phillips made sure he recorded it and now the Million Dollar Quartet are one of the iconic groups of the Rock n Roll/Rockabilly world, they chose to sing a mixture of different songs from Country, Gospel and other famous rock n roll hits from singers such as Little Richard and Chuck Berry and the rest was how they say, history?

The Million Dollar Quartet has been taking the stage in America for a while now with people such as Eddie Clendening performing in it (Eddie is a well known stage performer, performing with stars such as Scotty Moore and many others) with rave reviews and it was such a  big hit they decided to bring it to good ole England, damn right they should too, I havent seen a decent rock n roll musical since Buddy!

The show kicks off on the 8th Feb at the Noel Coward Theatre in London, I'm booking up so make sure you don't forget to!!

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