Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Introducing ... The Vanity Box

We all know us girls love a bit of pampering, whether it be make up or hair and here's a company that certainly gives you that pamering we all need once in a while. Yes you've got it, I'm doing a bit of advertisement on my blog, it's got to be done every now and again you know.
Ladies I present to you the Vanity Box, a company that specialises in a love for the glitzy and glamorous hair and make up of days gone by.

The Vanity Box can do hair and make up styling for your special event

Of course you may have heard of other companies that focus on vintage hair styling (naming no names) but what makes the Vanity Box different is their own personal love for times that once were, with living and breathing the vintage life on a daily basis, so with this you know that you will be getting something that truly is something that is a true tribute to the glamour age.

As well as having a love for vintage they also have the experience to back it up so you know you can put your hair in their hands and not come away with something that looks like a poodle on your head (not unless that is the look you're going for, then if it is you're on your own my friend) with over 12 years experience between the lady hereself, the fabulous Verity Waite and her team have worked with Dianne Von Furstenburg for Claridges, Saint Hill Couture catwalk shows and none other than Hairspray the musical  as well as offering private appointments for clients at rock n roll & rockabilly weekends such as the Rockabilly Rave and the Rhythm Riot to name but a few which couldn't be better because what's more important for a woman at a weekender than looking her very best on the dance floor?

Whether you are looking for a fantastic forties up do or a set of fifties pin curls you name it, Verity and her girls can create it and make it specific to your needs with a range of hair eras from the 1920s flowing through to the 1970s (don't worry you won't come away with a seventies afro unless you really really want one)
 The company are constantly growing and I can see big things for the girls because being honest, who wouldn't want to look as glamorous as they do? I've still yet to have my hair done by them but I'm definately planning on grabbing one of them when I have a hair crisis at the Rockabilly Rave! 
With their first weekend booking at Ruby Slippers Retro Romp these girls will soon be taking over England at vintage fairs and gatherings so make sure  you snap up an appointment quick because it looks to me their going to be taking the vintage scene by storm!
Check out their website http://www.thevanitybox.co.uk/
 to find out if they're coming to an event near you, I know I'm going to!
Until Next Time
Toodle Pip

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