Sunday, 6 March 2011

What to do what to do

At the moment I feel so lost with who I am as a person because of uni commitments, this really gets to me because unfortunately due to be a second year student my work load has become somewhat unreal and having a life beyond this for me is not quite happening, I've just handed in my project and have gone crash bang wallop into my last one of the year which is involving film so I'm slightly terrified! As well as having dissertations and essays coming out of my ears I don't really know how to handle it all!
What really worries me is that I seem to have let go of my blog and my modelling and the whole vintage aspect on life.Whatever am I to do?!
I'm hoping I can organise my life somehow in a way I don't quite know but as this project is a 10 week one I'm going to attempt to keep up with this blog and try and do more vintage articles instead of fashion as this is somehow taking over my life at the moment, not that it's a bad thing but I miss writing about things that are close to my heart, so there is nothing holding me back now so I've got to get my backside in gear and sort my life out right?!
In the next month or so I've got a few shoots coming up, well I hope, I had to cancel some last month and I was really annoyed at myself that I did but work comes first! Also I've got lots of exciting rockabilly gigs that I'm going to so I might even do a couple of reviews on here for you! So to be honest there's nothing else for it than to get on with it really is there?!
A bit of exciting news, I was featured on Adorn London's website ( from London Fashion week for their street style
there I am! looking rather startled I must say!

and also the fabulous Bernie Dexter has designed a dress for me and named it after me (yes another one!!)
so first we have the Bettina

(this has to be one of the most comfortable dresses I own!)

And now we have the Scarlett! how amazingly beautiful is this!!
I can't wait to get my hands on this stunner (oh and the dress!)
Check these gorgeous dresses on Bernie's website

So more positive thinking for me and I've just got to learn to handle my busy life!
Oh what a chore!
Until Next Time
Toodle Pip


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