Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Who said make up had to be pretty?

For my past project at Uni, I had to create a magazine and  boy have I had trouble with it, everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong thanks to malfunctioning usb sticks,CS5 insdesign, and stupid ink companies sending me the wrong ink, I cannot wait until I have a Sailor Jerry's & Coke on deadline day!
Here are some of the images from a make up photo shoot I did at the begin the project based on Spring/Summer trends for 2011. I wanted this to be completely different from other make up images, I didn't want it to be "pretty" because my publication is quite unique and alternative I thought I needed someone with this look. Luckily I found Charmaine in the library at Uni, I think she was quite terrified when I asked her to model for me but she had the look I wanted for my magazine.Once again I had my lovely friend Eddy taking the photos and Rhiannon Morgan doing the make up who I found through model mayhem!
Here are some of the images, I am pretty happy with them and cannot thank the people enough who helped put the shoot together!
Charmaine wearing a Vivien of Holloway dress (good choice!)
this look was based on Meadham Kirchhoff's catwalk make up, it looks quite scary but I love it
Charmaine had the perfect "evil" look for this style!
Rhiannon created this by just using fake eyelashes

This look was based on the Dior catwalk

I love this look so much! We couldn't get the same shade yellow but
I think it works just as successful! I think we should of used more of a
pink lipstick then red but it still looks 50s

This look was based on the Chanel catwalk, we added purple to the eyes to
make it look more interesting, I like the fact that the focus is completely on the eyes
We had the eyebrows more defined than the catwalk look which is what I prefer

The last look was quite simple and natural and I suppose quite plain for Charmaine but I think
it rounds the looks off nicely
it was based on the Caroline Herrera catwalk for what I called the "skaghead look"
I think some of these shots are really successful and I enjoyed doing a make up shoot however
I didn't realise how long they are because of doing different make up looks
Until Next Time
Toodle Pip

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