Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pick of the Pops take two!

So I've done this before with songs that I'm obsessed with at the time so I thought while I'm in the blog writing mode I'd write my pick of the pops until the next time, I've noticed that my taste in music is always chnaging, my dad gave me a few cds recently and a lot of them were "atlantic jivers" which I assumed to be a cd based on the Record label Atlantic records, nope just a title it seems but it's got some great songs on it including these ones I am currently playing to death :
Big Maybelle: Pretty Good Love
This track I've always known of but never listened to properly until I was playing one of these cd's and god the voice on this woman, you can see why she was called Big Maybelle with some of the notes she hits. Such a great R&B track, not enough modern women cover this track but then you've got to have a set of lungs to carry this song.
Next Track is Jimmie Jones and the Savoys: Please say you're mine

This one I cannot  stop listening to, I remember my fella playing it ages ago and I didn't really pay attention then and then when I was listening to this CD and I suddenly thought "I remember this!!" and then realised how much I actually love this song, it's a classic jiver but I've still yet to hear it played at a record hop, this will soon change believe me!
This one is another personal favourite
Little Willie John: Lets Rock while the Rockins good
I remember hearing this on my mums phone and I didn't realise it was Little Willie John, the guy who sung Shakin, the stroller everyone went mad over a year back, this song is more sixties to me (I'm not sure when it was recorded so I can't say whether I am right or not!) but Little Willie John was a very big R&B star (not literally as he was only 5ft!) with such a strong voice.

One to finish on is a modern one but almost in a similar style
Cee Lo Green: Forget you
This is actually amazing, I have loved this since it's come out and I love that it has got such a retro feel to it, especially when I saw Paloma Faith sing with him, I fell in love with Paloma that little bit more.
Well Hope you like some of these, they might not be to your taste but they certainly are to mine!
Until Next Time
Toodle Pip

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