Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Stampede of Sparking Stilettos on the Horizon

How on earth have I never heard of London Burlesque week? I honestly believe myself when I tell others that I'm a hermit and never venture outside the four walls of my bombsite of which I call my bedroom, its either this or I have  been walking around in a complete daze for the past few years, to be honest both of these sound true and those who know me, I'm sure you'll all agree!
To the matter at hand, London has a burlesque week???? This is purely amazing like I said I had never heard of it until last night when I typed in Burlesque into google because I was researching for my Dissertation (yes the dreaded essay has begun!) and I imagine it to be somewhat similar to London Fashion Week? Surely women aren't shaking their thangg down a catwalk to some bump and grind are they? 

 When I checked out the website it all seemed very exciting and, there was glitz, there was sparkle, the was the shades of romanticised red what more could draw me in!?
London Burlesque week is run by a gent named Chaz Royal who uses the yearly event to raise the profile of Burlesque in the mainstream which to be honest if you don't know about burlesque in today's day and age then you really have been sleeping in a cave somewhere. It was previously ran as London Burlesque festival and it shows bombshell beauties from around the globe strutting their stuff and titillating their tassels, it seems there really is something for everyone with newcomers of Burlesque getting to try out the waters and even "Boylesk" yes men's interpretation at suave clubs such as Madame Jojo's.

It does make me wonder whether the change of name reflects on London Fashion Week and another way of showing it in the mainstream fashion industry,this is only my thoughts though, it could be a load of old rubbish for all I know. But London Burlesque Week is something I want to be a part of, so I've dropped an email to Chaz Royal himself to see if I can get my hands dirty there (not literally I imagine to be get my hands glittered!) if not I'm planning on buying a ticket for one of the events to get an idea of what it's really all like at London Burlesque Week, it'd be great if I could go because I could do a bit of self advertising there myself  and you never know where it might lead. So if I do expect a review of somekind in the future months.
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Toodle Pip

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